Hang out without the hassle.

No more back-and-forth texting to make plans: see where all your friends are and what they're doing in a single screen.
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Feature Highlights

user iconWho's in town?

Meet new people in NYC or see where all of your friends are & what they're up to in a single tap. No need to text if they're around & what they're doing. You'll also get notifications when a good friend you haven't seen in ages is nearby & going out as well.

beer iconWhat should we do?

Find the best nightlife & bars. See what's going on around you & who's attending. Put together the perfect itinerary for your night based off complete knowledge of the coolest things going on.

calendar iconHow do we coordinate?

kickit is a social version of Find My Friends, layered on top with Facebook Events. We'll provide you with all the tools you need to get your friends together.

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