We live our Values in everything we do


We end every single decision asking ourselves, “is this the best possible thing we could do for our users?” We dedicate ourselves to helping our users live more fulfilling and joyful lives. We accept nothing less than excellence on their behalf.


How can we possibly build an inclusive platform for billions of users without a deep bench of demographic and cultural backgrounds? Diversity in all forms is our key to success.

Perpetual Curiosity

We strive to improve and grow everyday. An insatiable curiosity to rethink our best selves underpins our humility to learn from failure and our resilience to get back up and try again a different way.


We are building kickit to bring more fun into our users’ and our own lives. If we can’t have fun in our own lives, then how can we expect our product to reflect this?

We are Owners

We take pride in kickit and see our product as a reflection of ourselves. We're excited to tackle problems and challenges as we see them as opportunities to innovate and capitalize on. We are driven by our values to build a lasting organization.

Measure Everything

We trust our gut... but A/B test everything. We're an analytics-driven org that uses data to inform every decision. By deeply understanding how our users use kickit, we can build them the very best product.

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